Thursday, 15 December 2011

into the festive season .......

Well, much has happened since our last entry to our blog.
I (B) have flown to Switzerland to be with my mother following my father’s passing. It became clear quite rapidly, that mom was totally unprepared for life without dad, not that anyone could blame her, being married for 65 years and being alone 2 weeks later was a shock. The fact that mom ended up in the hospital the day before the funeral did not help….mom suffered 4 TIAs, 1 at home, 1 near the doctor’s office and 2 more  in the hospital. Thankfully mom recovered enough to attend the funeral, mind you heavily sedated, but at least she was “present” and hopefully it helped her along with the grieving process. Side-effects of the TIAs, well I feel, after observing her for the past 2 months, she only shows signs of slight speed impediments when under stress or really tired.
I have moved mom into a new senior Coop housing unit with 24x7 care. She is slowly getting used to being there. I cannot blame her; it is a massive change from living on your own, together with your husband, doing most of the household chores and now just having a room in a large apartment, sharing the common living space (living room and eating area) with 8 elderly women, most of them needing care, not like mom who went there because of needing company!
The unexpected early arrival of Kim and Sebas daughter Klara Alexia made the loss of dad (Opa) a little bit easier. We are very grateful that Kim and baby were in good hands at the Ottawa General Hospital in the NICU ward (Neonatal intensive care unit), and we are happy to say, mom and daughter are both doing extremely well. Proud dad Sebas is a great and patient help and support and all 3 seem to slowly settle into a comfortable family routine. Gerry changed his travel plans once he saw a picture of little Klara in the incubator and instead of flying to Turkey he cancelled his flight and booked a return flight to Canada. As Klara had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks there was much driving to be done and Gerry put on his chauffeur uniform and drove Kim to and from. I (B) arrived in Ottawa on December 1 and I have been enjoying Klara to the max, as I have to be able to draw from that for a few months to come! I will return to Switzerland on December 19 in order to spend the rest of the festive season with mom. THANKS Kim for being so very understanding and supportive.
As for Gerry and me, well, we are celebrating our 38 wedding anniversary today! Not much of a celebration with Gerry onboard SY Octopus in Turkey and myself being in Ottawa, but we will celebrate once I am there. I have a flight booked to Turkey on January 3rd. Just in time for Gerry’s birthday!
Other news are, that our son Lars and Sharon plan on buying a house, we hope for them that the deal goes through and we look forward to visiting them in their now abode.

To all of you, a festive holiday season and a HAPPY 2012, good health to all, take care, see you, love B & G