Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Back on board SY Octopus

We are back on board, mind you still on the hard, and it seems like we have been here forever. Come to think of it, we have been here in the same spot in the Alanya marina yard since September 2010!!!
Time flies even when you are not having all that much fun, ergo, time to move on.

Our trip to Europe has been wonderful. Seeing our kids and so far only grandchild and experiencing the joy the 2 great grandparents exhibited was worth every penny.  

Easter Sunday Brunch

Our granddaughter Klara was a real treat, she managed singlehandedly to capture everyones attention. Parents Kim and Sebas need to be congratulated, they are doing a great job rearing and nurturing Klara and we all hope that Klara did not get tooooooo terribly spoiled in the 2 weeks!?
Lars and Sharon arrived from Vancouver island, stressed out and under pressure to finalise the budget and timetable for the lifting of their new abode. We are happy to announce that upon their return to Canada they have decided to first live in the house for a year and experience what the place has to offer and then finalise the plans for the lift. Wise decision indeed! They will go ahead with the variance application as that permit, once recieved does not expire.

Opa Henk has enjoyed the visit of his grandchildren and only great grandchild to the fullest. It was a tossup between the 2 great grandparents,

                       Opa Henk 95yrs old (Holland) and Grosi 89 yrs old (visiting from Switzerland) who was the prouder and happier of the two?

Now that we are back in Turkey we are busy with preparations for our coming season. There is a possibility that we help sailing friends who have (hopefully) sold their boat, move the boat to Marseille. From there the new owner will take the boat through the canals back to Norway.

This would suit as fine as we have no plans for this season, just relaxing and enjoying ourselves.