Wednesday, 8 August 2012

SY Octopus is back in the water....

May 30, 2012
SY Octopus is back in the water where she belongs! She was on the hard for over 18mts, way too long. Tomorrow we will get busy cleaning the deck of 18 months worth of yard dust and Sahara rain and just general dirt. At present her colour is light brown instead of off white, we shall see if she looks any better come tomorrow evening. (having cleaned her a number of times now the answer is NO!!)

Our plans are still very much up in the air, most likely we will do some inland touring with our friends starting Tuesday, June 5. We hope that by the time we come back we have a better idea of the upcoming sailing season, will it take us to Marseilles onboard SY Augusta or will we have some leisurely sailing along the Southeastern coast of Turkey?

August 8
In the meantime Izzy and Howard SY Augusta have gone back to the UK, Augusta is still not quite sold yet and their plans are also still up in the air.
Before flying back to the UK we did enjoy a trip inland with I&H, we took a bus to Ankara and toured the Hittite area with a rented car. it was a great trip.

We have been East, it was even hotter than here and we did experience some terrible catabatic winds at night. But worse was the temperature of these winds, it was like someone opened the door of an oven and blew that HOT air at you, most uncomfortable and hence we decided to head back.

We have had a lovely visit from our friends Edwin and Michaela, Dario (17) and Gian Andrea (2) from Switzerland. We managed to show everybody a good time, we even headed out for a while and anchored in the bay. 

Now we have to decide if we stay here in the marina where we can have a shower, be connected to electricity (fan?!) and walk off the boat early in the morning for a hike into the hills before it gets too hot or motor direction Kekova Roads where we could sit at anchor.