Monday, 9 December 2013

Dec 9, we are getting ready to leave for Gran Canaria

Hi everyone,

we are getting ready to fly back to Gran Canaria ( Puerto Mogan) where SY Octopus is waiting for us to return.
We hope to find "her in good health!"
More once we are there.......

Sunday, 9 June 2013

June 9 2013, the end of stage 1

Gerry finally made it back to Switzerland....unfortunately he did miss the 90th birthday party and he only managed to see whee Klara (our only grandchild) for about 90 minutes before it was time for Kim and family to start driving back to Holland in preparation for the return to Canada on Tuesday.

But we have decided to go and visit Canada in the fall, something to look forward to!

Monday, 3 June 2013

June 3, 2013, Puerto Mogan, Gran Canaria, Canary islands,

Octopus 1 has arrived at Puerto Mogan, not much is being done tonight still, however tomorrow they will wash sails, dry, fold, stow and get the boat generally cleaned up.

A more detailed update tomorrow once I have spoken again with captain Gerry and crew, but all is well!!,-15.765198&spn=0.003478,0.004603&iwloc=0004de416664410bc0fdc

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

May 29 2013 leaving Gibraltar for Gran Canaria (Canary islands)

Octopus1 is tackling the last piece of the trip from Alanya, Turkey to the Canary islands. Once they are out of the Gibraltar straight they should have clear sailing with a nice Northerly. I will report back once I have had news; however it will be about 6 days!

Octopus1 will be hauled and I have booked Howard and Gerry on return flights. Richard made his own arrangements already, he will fly from Tenerife.

Gerry plans on returning to Gran Canaria either late December or early January to get ready for the Atlantic crossing.

They passed by Tariffa, a surfer paradise at 1pm!,-5.585861&spn=0.203494,0.294571&iwloc=0004ddd952de834fa39c1

Saturday, 25 May 2013

May 26, 2013, heading for Gibraltar

at 5.30AM was Octopus1 40NM NNE of Gibraltar. The "promised Easterly wind has not yet materialised and hence the going is not all that smooth, current and waves are giving Octopus with the new Yanmar engine another good workout!! Go Yani go!!
I just checked the forecast and my weather info says sailable winds....

Well, that did not happen but they are docked at the Queensway Quay marina, looking for a good supper and a good night sleep.,-5.352809&spn=0.006307,0.007006&iwloc=0004dda00612af228f857

A bit later this evening we shall have a look at the weather!!

Friday, 24 May 2013

May 24, 2013 just passing Cartagena

Octopus1 is underway again since yesterday noon, I would like to think it has been a smoother ride for them; they are underway with the spinney in a nice NE-erly wind. This should get them comfortably towards Gibraltar, dare I say to Gibraltar, says the person who is sitting at home!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

May 22 2013, Wednesday La Salina, Formentera

Octopus 1 is at La Salina Formentera, Balearic islands,1.416091&spn=0.001534,0.002285&iwloc=0004dd519e86e237374e0

The ride from the island of Menorca to the height of the island of Cabrera was a real sleigh ride indeed, surfing off the waves and making incredible headway. However the winds went from 45kn to zero and so the new engine was started once again, and before long the wind had turn in such a way that once again it was "on the nose"! Needless to say the rest of the trip was tough slugging.

The guys are looking forward to a nice quiet night!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

May 18, Saturday Mahon, Menorca

Octopus1 is once again in Mahon.
The plan of heading from Trapani, Sicily to either Southern Sardinia or Southern Balearic islands (Formentera) or better still mainland Spain (Cartagena) did not work guessed it, the winds were up to their usual tricks (F8-9SSW)!

To top it off, the jib got a tear and they sailed with a reefed main and the yankee, but they made it safely into Mahon. They found a sail maker who promised to do the job by Monday or Tuesday and weather permitting they will be off again for points South/West!

I think Octy wanted to stop there one more time since Mahon was our first wintering destination (2004-05) and up to now my favoured to boot (and I am not even there! (B)),4.257009&spn=0.006034,0.009141&iwloc=0004dcf8d64986e36eb0c

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

May 13 2013, Tuesday leaving Trapani Sicily for points West!

After a forced 4 days rest in Trapani, Octopus1 with captain Gerry and crew are underway again. If the 3 "W" (weather, wind and waves) are working in favour of Octopus1 they will pass South of the Balearic islands and head straight for mainland Spain. Should wind and or waves play up and make travelling direction West uncomfortable they will go and hide on Formentera. I will most likely not hear anything until Friday or possibly even Saturday. I will update the blog asap.
Have a good week, B

Thursday, 9 May 2013

May 9 2013, Trapani

Octopus1 and crew will stay here a few days as the Mistral out of France is making the crossing to the Balearics very uncomfortable. Howard and Richard will "play" tourists on the island of Sicily and Gerry will do some minor repairs and just plain kick back and relax for a few days.,12.558403&spn=0.098555,0.130978&iwloc=0004dc4c734ca9dfae961

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

May 8 2013, an unexpected stop at Milazzo

Gerry and crew stopped in Milazzo yesterday as the waves made travelling too uncomfortable, they are now underway again and I have been told that the wave action is less and they will be in Trapani tomorrow before noon (we think). Having been on Octopus for so many years I know that sometimes a trip takes longer and sometimes you arrive sooner, we shall see!,15.248036&spn=0.023132,0.032744

Monday, 6 May 2013

May 6 2013, Messina, Italy

I would think it was though slugging as the gap between Sicily and the toe of Italy is narrow and the current is strong, coupled with strong Northerly wind and I would say 2:0 Mother Nature! But of course Gerry, Richard and Howard had an answer to that challenge, Octopus's very own NEW ENGINE! I understand "she" was definitely up to the challenge.
They are presently (2.30pm) doing the formalities of checking into Italy and I believe they will stay the night!

Friday, 3 May 2013

May 3, Friday Phylos Greece

I just spoke with Gerry, they have arrived at Phylos, Peloponnese, Greece. After a good night sleep, some early morning shopping they will be off heading direction Messina, Italy.

This will mean that there will be 48hrs of "radio-silence", so most likely no update until Monday morning!

Have a good weekend everyone, B

Thursday, 2 May 2013

May 2 2013 currently underway direction Phylos Peloponnese, Greece

I heard from Gerry and crew, they were sailing into the sunset heading for Phylos. There they will likely fuel up again and hopefully the sailing conditions will be such that they can sail westward to Syracusa. A great anchorage with super holding! ETA Phylos tomorrow evening. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May 1 2013, island of Santorini,24.136963&spn=3.338542,4.938354&iwloc=0004dbab22ec16104a1e5

After a windy 2 days Octopus and crew are in the southernmost village on the island of Santorini. Here they will get diesel for tank and fuel containers and tomorrow weather permitting they will detour past the crater and onwards direction Western side of the Peloponnese or if the going is good they will continue to Sicily. 
It is up to the weather god! 
Gerry, Howard and Richard are well and still talking to each other!!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

April 30 2013, The end of the necessary motoring period!

Gerry and crew on Octopus 1 have arrived at Netsel marina in Marmaris. The Yanmar agent has been contacted and we hope he will indeed send a mechanic tomorrow.,28.27894&hl=de&num=1&t=h&gl=ch&z=19

Here Gerry's thought on our time in Turkey:

Now that we are somewhere else and hopefully beyond the reach of Islamists such as Erdogan, who seems to become more undemocratic by the day, here a few thoughts. We spent about 6 years in Turkey and enjoyed most of it. Saw a lot and there is a lot to see, historically. We met a lot of nice and hospitable people too. It is not surprising, though, that Erdogan is becoming less democratic: Islam requires total dedication to Allah and the Qu'uran and therefore democracy, as in government by the people, is anathema and a government in Islamic countries, other than to beat up on people for not living koranically, is a contradiction in terms. Hypocrisy, though,  is a human trait and its presence in Islam, as in all religions, is no surprise. Women need to be virgins when they marry. Men need to be experienced, sexually, when they do. See the contradiction? Women are married off before they can become troublesome, as in before puberty. President Gül married his wife when she was fifteen. Turkey seems very western and is certainly appears so along the tourist coast. Go 100 meters inland, however, and it hasn't changed much since the Middle Ages. Dress hasn't changed and women have their daughters walk in front of them (yes, to keep an eye on them) and are reluctant to answer greetings from males. When you reserve bus tickets, buses are an important mode of transportation and are dirt cheap, the agent makes sure that women sit next to women and men next to men. Where, then, do men get their experience? As Orhan Pamuk, in one of his novels says, from shop-girls, whores and foreign women. There is no denying that some European "Cougars" go to Turkey for one thing only. We have, incidentally, seen them in Tunisia, another suppressed Islamic society, too.  Whatever. But a tour-guide, taking us to a well-preserved Roman amphitheater proudly boasted of his conquests of European girls and their broken hearts. Needless to say that he got no tip from us. There is a belief that virgins are easily "damaged" and one sees many women sitting sidesaddle on motor bikes and scooters. Riding bicycles is un-Islamic but for the Egyptian Army to "test" women's virginity seems to be okay. Of course, the "test" is a one-time affair (literally and figuratively). Theft is un-Islamic and we have to say that we felt safer in this regard in Turkey than in, say, Greece or Italy. Doesn't mean that there is no crime: apparently Ben Ali (formerly from Tunisia, now in Saudi Arabia) walked away with 50 billion USD and subsequent rulers in Tunisia will undoubtedly try their hand at becoming independently wealthy.

Friday, 26 April 2013

April 25 2013, Octopus heading West

Hi everyone, Gerry and crew are underway, they were anchored at Ciniviz last night and today they are near Kas marina. All is well and they are making good progress.,29.63194&spn=0.006311,0.008186