Sunday, 28 April 2013

April 30 2013, The end of the necessary motoring period!

Gerry and crew on Octopus 1 have arrived at Netsel marina in Marmaris. The Yanmar agent has been contacted and we hope he will indeed send a mechanic tomorrow.,28.27894&hl=de&num=1&t=h&gl=ch&z=19

Here Gerry's thought on our time in Turkey:

Now that we are somewhere else and hopefully beyond the reach of Islamists such as Erdogan, who seems to become more undemocratic by the day, here a few thoughts. We spent about 6 years in Turkey and enjoyed most of it. Saw a lot and there is a lot to see, historically. We met a lot of nice and hospitable people too. It is not surprising, though, that Erdogan is becoming less democratic: Islam requires total dedication to Allah and the Qu'uran and therefore democracy, as in government by the people, is anathema and a government in Islamic countries, other than to beat up on people for not living koranically, is a contradiction in terms. Hypocrisy, though,  is a human trait and its presence in Islam, as in all religions, is no surprise. Women need to be virgins when they marry. Men need to be experienced, sexually, when they do. See the contradiction? Women are married off before they can become troublesome, as in before puberty. President Gül married his wife when she was fifteen. Turkey seems very western and is certainly appears so along the tourist coast. Go 100 meters inland, however, and it hasn't changed much since the Middle Ages. Dress hasn't changed and women have their daughters walk in front of them (yes, to keep an eye on them) and are reluctant to answer greetings from males. When you reserve bus tickets, buses are an important mode of transportation and are dirt cheap, the agent makes sure that women sit next to women and men next to men. Where, then, do men get their experience? As Orhan Pamuk, in one of his novels says, from shop-girls, whores and foreign women. There is no denying that some European "Cougars" go to Turkey for one thing only. We have, incidentally, seen them in Tunisia, another suppressed Islamic society, too.  Whatever. But a tour-guide, taking us to a well-preserved Roman amphitheater proudly boasted of his conquests of European girls and their broken hearts. Needless to say that he got no tip from us. There is a belief that virgins are easily "damaged" and one sees many women sitting sidesaddle on motor bikes and scooters. Riding bicycles is un-Islamic but for the Egyptian Army to "test" women's virginity seems to be okay. Of course, the "test" is a one-time affair (literally and figuratively). Theft is un-Islamic and we have to say that we felt safer in this regard in Turkey than in, say, Greece or Italy. Doesn't mean that there is no crime: apparently Ben Ali (formerly from Tunisia, now in Saudi Arabia) walked away with 50 billion USD and subsequent rulers in Tunisia will undoubtedly try their hand at becoming independently wealthy.

Friday, 26 April 2013

April 25 2013, Octopus heading West

Hi everyone, Gerry and crew are underway, they were anchored at Ciniviz last night and today they are near Kas marina. All is well and they are making good progress.,29.63194&spn=0.006311,0.008186