Thursday, 13 February 2014

February 12 2014 Octopus being lifted

Today Octopus1 will be lifted, always a tricky time.

The boat is now on the hard. Unfortunately "exactly today" many of the workers who were supposed to address some of the issues to be taken care off before G is leaving, all decided to come today as well!

The rudder bearing got repacked, it seems the previous guy did a terrible job, the new material is synthetic and should last the life of the boat. Now that I have replaced the bolts, we should have a dry bilge!
Sail and Bimini were picked up for repair and solar panel brackets were returned. All this in between the boat being driven to the well and lifted!

March 22: The sail maker showed up at the last possible moment to deliver the repaired Genoa. I had to chase him to make sure he understood that if he didn't deliver, he would have time until November or so. I didn't have a chance to check the work but am assuming that they did a proper job. I general have found that people are pretty competent. The sail maker even advised by email that he couldn't pick up when he said he would. In Turkey they just don't show up. The electrician helped to get the solar panels going again and I intend to have him look at things electrical when we are back later this year. The woodworking guy was very expensive and I'll do most of it myself. On the whole the transatlantic crossing went well. I managed to repair things as quickly as they went kaput and that is always encouraging. The most scary part was the feeling that you are far, far away from any help. You can set off the EPIRB, but the best you can hope for is that the authorities ask any ships to keep a lookout, as you are too far away to be reached by air. Thankfully there is an easterly current at about 25 nm per day, which gets your life raft to the Carib in about a 100 days....What you do for food and water is another story. Looking back, we could have sped things up by staying in the current for another week rather than turning SW towards Trinidad when we did, because when we turned, the daily distance dropped by about that 25 nm daily. The fact that Richard used our vacuum packing machine ahead of our leaving meant that he had to spend less time below and that there was less garbage.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

February 11 2014

Octopus will be lifted tomorrow. The clean-up and the repairs are going well, G & R are busy getting Octopus ready for the 10 months on the hard. There is much to do and little time for sightseeing. R did venture into Port of Spain yesterday however.

H made is back to the UK and has enjoyed a quiet day at home yesterday, I believe it was a long weekend in the UK!

Thanks to H (& I) & R (& C) for the support during the journey of Octy from Alanya, Turkey to Chaguarama, Trinidad.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

February 7 2014

after a lengthy burocratic process with Trinidad customs SY Octopus is now securely attached at Peake yacht service. No real problems, just the usual questions and papers to fill in. All went well, everyone happy and satisfied!

A long hot shower and a cold beer were in order and right away the world was A OK. However all three sailors walked around with "mal de terre", looking indeed like the drunken sailors!

Today, after a good night sleep taking down, washing, drying, folding and storing sails, washing deck, taking off and washing ropes, likely doing laundry, some routine engine maintenance etc etc... I am sure the days will pass quickly.

Internet seems  to work reasonably well, maybe not for video skype but to talk!

Octy will be lifted out of the water on Wednesday.,-61.636211&spn=0.00228,0.002411

February 6 2014 at PEAKE yard, docked, gone for a beer!!!

all going according to plan, SY Octopus1 and crew were 22nm away from their destination at the usual reporting time.

Gerry did say that most likely they would be very busy with custom officers, Visas, bureaucracy at customs and at the marina. Please be patient, I will update asap.,-60.776367&spn=1.576154,2.705383&iwloc=0004f1bcd2e63845dd4e3

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

February 4 2014

All well on board Octopus1

Richard sighted the first ship last night. Still sailing along nicely, only 240nm to go.

OK, so for those of you who thought Octopus was heading to Barbedos first, I think it was just a typo! I made the adjustment and we shall see when we get the coordinates tomorrow!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Sunday, 2 February 2014

February 2 2014

had to motor through the night due to no wind, now sailing again. H caught a Dorado, so supper is taken care off.

No other marine traffic, there was a sailboat a few days ago but heading more in a westerly direction.

Now 510nm to go!,-18.632812&spn=135.660982,346.289063

Saturday, 1 February 2014

February 1 2014

646 nm to go to Trinidad!

Total 24hr yesterday was 130nm, pretty consistent over the last 10 days! Showers this morning.

Correction to the comment re fishing from yesterday, H is not catching fish, fish catch H's lure!!!!!!!! Sorry H! (-:    anyway, all is well!,-18.632812&spn=83.627943,173.144531&iwloc=0004f15763f9a142f7963