Thursday, 31 March 2016

March 31 2016

sailing along the West coast of El Salvador and Guatemala, now along the coast of Mexico, at the height of Salina Cruz.

Gerry will try to get off the MV Dolfijngracht on Sunday when they should be docked at La Paz. He will try to find an Internet cafe and go online, hopefully he will manage to download some emails and call Henk. Mind you, the 9 hours time difference are a bit of a handicap.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March 30 2016

making good progress toward La Paz....where Gerry will attempt to actually get off the boat for a change!!!  and maybe we will be able to talk and not just text!

No, the only guys getting off the boat were the bachelors, something to do with food, drink and titty bars. Apparently Brigitte has bought a house near Victoria and there were some issues about the inspection. Tried to call Lars for his birthday but was unsuccessful. Also running out of units on the satphone.

Monday, 28 March 2016

March 28 2016

well, the paper work for the boat to be loaded was not in order! That is going to cost someone a hefty penny!

Sunday, 27 March 2016

March 27 2016

Golfito, Costa Rico:

1 sailboat is unloaded here in Golfito and tomorrow a new sailboat is loaded and after that it is onwards and upwards.... next stop La Paz Mexico, AGW WP (all going well, weather permitting) April 3rd!

HAPPY EASTER  everyone!

One boat was unloaded and three were loaded. We were anchored in the bay with about 50 meters between the ship and the beach, interesting! Eight (8) "officials" came on board for various aspects and had to be appeased with bottles of wine. Corruption? Nah!

Saturday, 26 March 2016

March 26 2016

Today, the day after, Gerry texted that they were fueling up at Balbao, just inside the Bahia de Panama! Within 24 hours they should arrive at Golfito, Costa Rico.

Hopefully Gerry will be able to access internet for the first time since leaving Palm Beach on March 21.

According to the AIS system MV Dolfijngracht is about here

March 25 2016

Today was a busy day!

Early in the morning I (Bri) checked to see if I could find MV Dolfijngracht on the AIS site, no luck. After that I checked the Panama canal system site and I started playing with it and I managed to look way up the North entrance and voila there was our vessel, just outside the North entrance, just "hanging around". I kept on checking and by about noon I could tell that clearly the captain had received a "good to go" call, as MV Dolfijngracht started to line up with the entrance. In short order they were inside and again the waiting game started. I checked periodically and finally, just before 10pm VIctoria time, midnight Panama time it got serious!!

I was hoping that Gerry would send a smoke signal, stand in a great spot on the fore-deck and do a little dance to identify himself, but no!

I decided to do a few print screen shots and I upload a few of the pictures.

Cost of passing through the ditch is 120k USD. The pilot is in control the entire time and, contrary to elsewhere, is responsible for the vessel, I couldn't determine which cameras were being used and waved at a few from the bridge, but obviously the wrong ones. The captain wondered whether I was allright in the head. Apparently the Americans had misgivings about handinmg over the Canal to the Panamanians, but apparently the operations run better than before. Certainly the beacons form a six lane highway at night. The ferry behind Octopus I is intended for Victoria and will perform ferry services there-

Thursday, 24 March 2016

March 24 2016

116 nautical miles to go to the Panama canal!

Transit likely tomorrow 4 pm local time! That would be 10pm in Holland and 6pm in Ottawa, and 3pm here in Victoria! (I think!)

here the webcam for the canal:

March 23 2016

I did not hear from G however I found the MS Dolfijngracht on a AIS vessel tracking system!

He can not hide from us!!!

I was allowed to board Octopus I and spent some time re-attaching the backstay, cleaning the propeller ans emptying both bilges (contaminated with fuel) into two spare canisters. The Dolfijngracht is 157 meters long and burns 30 tons of fuel per day. We will be bunkering 800 tons just past the Pacific end of the Panama Canal.

Monday, 21 March 2016

March 21 2016

Gerry and SY Octopus 1 left Palm Beach this morning on MV Dolfijngracht. First stop is the Panama Canal. Not yet sure when they get there, as soon as I know I will advise. Yes, the stay at oldport cove got a little boring in the end.

URL for a video of the loading of Octopus1

Time was spent on getting two physicals and a yellow fever shot. Had to walk 20 km for the latter but was a conditio sine qua non from the folks at Sevenstar After the first day I was told I could go anywhere, including the bridge, excepting the engine room (only by invitation). Nededless to say I spent a lot of time on the bridge
This is a url of a webcam in the Panama canal:

below is Octy nicely attached to MV Dolfijngracht

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

March 2 2016

Richard made it back to Ottawa Canada on Sunday, the get going was not easy, R&G were still on UTC minus 4 hours, whilst the taxi driver was on UTC minus 5 after a few phone calls and a few swearwords Richard was off and he made it to the airport (where he happen to look at a clock!!!!) and he made it back to Ottawa!

Gerry got busy with the Octy clean up, the boat could most certainly do with a bit of  attention, most important was the washing off of all the salt. Monday morning G had to visit the US customs people and he had some explaining to do as his crew member was already gone! Thankfully Richard entered the US Virgin island "correctly" and hence he was OK!

Now G is busy with more clean up and prep for the voyage of a different kind for Octy.

I (Bri) have added a few comments which Gerry has written yesterday. As with every other long distance trip I have been asked by the captain to "keep it light" which is what I did, as in "all is well" or "they are making good progress" etc....

if you would like to read the uncensored version, go back to February and re-read! Gerry's comments will be Italic