Sunday, 17 April 2016

April 17 2016 on the hard at Canoe cove marina

yesterday, captain Gerry and first mate Lars motored Octopus 1 to Canoe cove marina in Sidney. BC. There Octy will stay, she will receive some badly needed TLC and hopefully next sailing season we will be able to enjoy her again!

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

April 12 2016 SY Octopus & captain Gerry have made it to Victoria!!

MV Dolfijngracht has docked at Victoria's Ogden Point. The unloading will start shortly!

Gerry and SY Octopus I will be lifted off at approximately 14:30 local time!

There are a few options for Gerry, motor to the nearby harbor of Victoria or motor a bit farther to Oak Bay marina and dock there for a few days until Lars and maybe friend Matt will join him to motor to Canoe cove marina in Sidney. Update to follow!

Visited the Canadian Border Security Agency downtown, as I had to get the papers signed for our stuff in the container from Switzerland. In the process they wanted to see the paperwork for Octopus again, no problem. Showed Lars around the Dolfijngracht and introduced him to the captain. Invited for lunch. Cape Horn vane steering gear was damaged when unloading, but the folks in Holland say they will make good. Motored to nearby Oak Bay marina. The trip on the Dolfijngracht was interesting and I learned a lot. Was also a good deal at USD 50 per day for three square meals and a private cabin. These guys work hard when the are working and have a work ethic many companies can envy.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

April 10 2016

well, the captain has not been updating the AIS site and hence I have decided that MV Dolfijngracht must have moved North since they left and so I advanced the position.....I will check again later today to see if we have a more precise location!

Saturday, 9 April 2016

April 9 2016

motoring this point (I would think) the trip is getting a bit long in the tooth!

But they are making progress, steering West in order to be able to head North direction Victoria shortly.

Vessels avoid the low sulfur zone along the US coast, hence sail 200 nm off the coast. Takes a little longer but is cheaper in the end. Visited engine room, wow, on three levels!! The noise is something else and you would lose your hearing without serious ear protectors.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

April 6 2016 Happy birthday to me!!!

getting closer to Ensenada, Mexico

Called Brigitte for her birthday and spoke 15 minutes, now the credit on the phone is really getting low.  Arrive Ensenada 7:30 am. Just two officials. Docked with the help of two tugs. Cost 28 k/day including the tugs. Two boats loaded.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

April 3 2016

MV Dolfijngracht anchored early this morning in the bay of La Paz and started to unload some serious ships and yachts!

All should be done by tonight and they will leave again as soon as possible.

Three offloads, four vessels loaded. Got there in the morning but had to cut through some islands to achieve this. One of the officers unhappy about this, but lots of searoom port and starboard. Apparently a Russian captain had misgivings one time about leaving Japan, as the forecast was for three typhoons: he got himself fired. Only four officials boarded in La Paz. Have to say that Mexico looks a lot better organized than the way I remember it from 40 years ago: the officials give a professional impression and seem to know their business. Called my Dad at 01:30 am to congratulate him with his 99th birthday. 

Friday, 1 April 2016

April 1 2016

moving right along....currently offshore from Acapulco. ETA La Paz Sunday early morning.

Spent more time on Octopus, cleaning bilges, checking the bolts on the pedestal etc. The wind is amazing: the vessel does 15 knots, the wind is on the nose to the tune of 20 knots, making for a howling headwind of 35 knots or almost 70 km!