Sunday, 3 April 2016

April 3 2016

MV Dolfijngracht anchored early this morning in the bay of La Paz and started to unload some serious ships and yachts!

All should be done by tonight and they will leave again as soon as possible.

Three offloads, four vessels loaded. Got there in the morning but had to cut through some islands to achieve this. One of the officers unhappy about this, but lots of searoom port and starboard. Apparently a Russian captain had misgivings one time about leaving Japan, as the forecast was for three typhoons: he got himself fired. Only four officials boarded in La Paz. Have to say that Mexico looks a lot better organized than the way I remember it from 40 years ago: the officials give a professional impression and seem to know their business. Called my Dad at 01:30 am to congratulate him with his 99th birthday. 

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